STEP 1. During the preliminary consultation and design phase.

Preliminary meetings for the design of a custom home, or the review of plans supplied by customer. A member of our team is involved at this stage to get a better understanding of the clients’ wished in order to provide comments and suggestions. The clients are encouraged to bring pictures and magazines to these meetings in order to get a better understanding of their wishes.

Various elements are discussed which influence the construction of your home:

• Lifestyle
• Wish list
• Plumbing and ventilation system
• Insulation and exterior finishing
• Interior finishing
• Kitchens and bathrooms

This meeting serves to gather information, which will be used to prepare a preliminary budget, and preliminary schedule, which will be reviewed and updated periodically.


STEP 2. During the pre-construction Phase

During this phase our teams’ project manager meets regularly with the clients in order to finalize the last details before construction begins:

• Site visit analysis for final home positioning
• Verification of issued permits and surveyors plans
• Choice of subcontractors, materials, and finishing.
• Final modifications are made to plans and specifications
• Review of the budget and schedule.


STEP 3. During the construction Phase

During this phase our teams’ project manager meets with clients to keep them up to date with the progression of work.

• Onsite supervision and daily inspections.
• On site meetings with client to review progression of completed work.
• Review schedule and budget.
• Review of payments to be made
• Advise clients of decisions and choices to be made.

The client is made aware of upcoming work and is made aware of future decisions to be made.


STEP 4. Final delivery of new home to clients.

• Final inspections with homeowner
• Last touch-ups are done
• Final clean up
• All owners’ manuals, catalogues and guarantees are given to homeowners
• Manufacturer and consultant courtesy visits are scheduled with homeowners
• Final verification of budget and construction schedule.