M2 Construction has solid experience in Project Management. For such projects, M2 Construction inc. serves as a Consultant to the client, and serves as an intermediary with other Professionals and sub-contractors. We are involved in the early planning stages of the project, and represent the client and their interests. As a result, the client benefits from a greater control and participation in the planning and elaboration of their project. M2 Construction inc. can either charge a fee for Project Management services, or a percentage of construction costs.


  • Preliminary meetings with the client, Consultants, and Designers to discuss the construction budget, specifications and materials.
  • Preparation of preliminary budgets and schedules
  • Construction Budget, specifications and schedule approval by client
  • Completion of plans and specifications according to client’s needs and budget requirements
  • Contracts are awarded with client’s approval
  • Supervision of work and administration of project
  • Periodic budget revisions with client
  • Final inspection and delivery of project to client